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Leicester City supporters’ group calls for a meeting with club’s new owners

By LCFC | August 26, 2010

A leading supporters' group has called for face-to-face talks with Leicester City's new owners to discuss their future plans.

If they get their wish, one of the Foxes Trust's aims will be to acquire a small shareholding in the club.

Trust chairman Ian Bason is requesting a meeting at the "earliest possible opportunity" with Thai businessman Aiyawatt Raksriaksorn.

Raksriaksorn's father, Vichai, is the head of a consortium which has acquired the club from Milan Mandaric, who is staying on as chairman as he is a stakeholder in the Asia Football Investments group.

The Thai millionaire's duty-free shopping business, King Power Group, has already promised a £10million investment in the club, with much of it set aside to give manager Paulo Sousa the opportunity to strengthen the squad.

Trust chairman Ian Bason said: "We think the time is now right to meet with our club's new owners.

"We want to sit down, face to face, to listen directly to their plans for the future of the club and be given the opportunity to ask questions.

"With the Football League declaring its intention that transparency of ownership is a given, we also want an understanding of the current full ownership structure and the plans for additional parties to be involved in the months ahead."

Bason said he had been monitoring media coverage in which Vichai Raksriaksorn talked about potential interest from local investors to be part of the new consortium.

"The Trust would certainly be interested in holding a small shareholding," said Bason.

The Trust will also make a fresh plea to be allowed to observe at board meetings. They were given the opportunity to attend meetings before Mandaric's arrival in 2007.

"We think that would be hugely beneficial for the new owners," said Bason.

"During the parliamentary elections, all parties were stating their commitment to ensuring fans were in every club's boardroom.

"The new owners certainly will lack knowledge of how City fans think and feel. As the new owners establish a fresh board structure, it offers an excellent opportunity to have a fan in the club's boardroom now."

A City spokesman said: "As a club, we are always keen to welcome comment and feedback from our supporters regarding all issues on and off the playing field. We are committed to ensuring that the best interests of the club are protected at all times and the recent positive developments are no different.

"We must stress, however, that during this extremely busy current period, our primary focus, alongside the interests of our supporters and stakeholders, is the smooth running of the club during this transitional phase, whilst progress is made on the pitch for Paulo Sousa and his team."

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